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◆It can detect defects such as no cap, high cap, skewed cap, broken bridge, broken ring, miscellaneous cap, cap of color difference etc. The detection item covers a wide range, the detection precision is high, no blind zone, and it can detect double cap and non-standard cap etc.

◆ Versatile, can detect standard 28 cap, 38 cap, double cap, non-standard cap, etc.
◆360-degree omnidirectional inspection, small defects such as small broken bridges and small warped caps can be stably detected.
◆Multi-spectral light source with special dual-station color imaging architecture for significantly improved detection performance.
◆The device can be equipped with a fully automatic lifting device, which can be automatically raised and lowered to a suitable position according to different items to realize one-button bottle switching.
◆ Self-learning for standard cap type, effectively reducing the difficulty and time cost of on-site personnel debugging.
◆Can be combined with cap top contour inspection machine, code detection, filling management detection and other functions, the device is self-contained.

◆ Inspection speed: 36000 BPH
◆Scope of application: Standard 28 cap, 38 cap, double caps, other non-standard cap types
◆Installation position: After the cap screwing machine
◆Detection functions: No cap, high cap, skew cap, broken bridge, broken ring, miscellaneous cap, cap of color difference etc.