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◆ The high-speed full-function glass empty bottle detection machine adopts computer vision detection technology to carry out all-round detection of various parts of the bottle body, which can detect high and low , different contour, different color, inverted bottles, half bottles, residual liquids, and the broken top edge of the finish. Damage to the outer edge of the finish, damage to the bottom edge, dirt on the side, dirt in the bottom of the, transparent film on the bottom, and damage to the bottom.

◆  Side wall multi-spectral light source design: Each type of side detection has its most suitable combination of light source spectrum. The multi-spectrum light source automatically sets the spectrum matching when the bottle type is switched, so that the visual contrast of defect foreign objects reaches the highest, and the detection accuracy has improved significantly.
◆  The detection of the damage accuracy along the lower edge of the finish, effectively reducing the leakage rate: Through a special optical and mechanical structure design with a multi-spectral light source, while the sealing surface is accurately detected, the damage to the finish plane, the outer edge and the lower edge of the finish can also be sensitively detected.
◆  Transparent coating inspection: Double bottom structure design cooperates with Mingjia patented technology “Clear Crystal Foreign Matter Detection System” to accurately detect isomerism transparent crystals.

◆Inspection speed: 60000 BPH
◆Scope of application: Empty glass bottles
◆Installation position: Single row of chain before filling machine
◆Detection functions: Contour (high and low, broken bottles, different contour, different color, inverted bottles, half bottles), finish (breakage of the sealing surface, damage of the plane, damage along the finish), body ( contamination, cracks, and abrasion), bottom (dirty stain, foreign matter, damage, transparent film foreign matter), residual liquid (residual water, residual lye)