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◆ The equipment is installed on the glass bottle production line, and the typical defects generated in the glass bottle blowing process are detected by visual non-contact method. At the same time, the real-time statistics of various defects and mold numbers are performed by PLC real-time tracking method, and the defect products are rejected. It can realize all-round bottle body defect detection, all-round internal stress detection, bottle finish and neck crack detection, mold number tracking and other functions. The equipment occupies a small space and the automatic lifting detection cabinet is convenient for debugging and bottle type switching, and the image stability and fault tolerance is strong, and the remote assistance function is provided.

◆  In view of the microcrack defects in the finish area during the manufacturing process of the new bottle, the “Multi-view Joint Imaging Technology”and “Stray Light Filtering Technology”independently developed by Mingjia are used in the detection process, with high detection precision and good stability. Many kinds of micro-cracks in the finish surface and the edges of the finish, and horizontal cracks in the neck can be detected precisely.
◆ The machine visual inspection method is used to detect the mold number. The application of the patented “Stray Light Filtering Technology” makes the equipment highly versatile for the identification of various mold points that conform to the national standard beer mold number. Through the mold number tracking system, the specified mold number can be rejected, and the statistical display function of mold defects during the production process can be completed.
◆ By using the multi-spectral light source design of the sidewalls, the defects are completely displayed: the sidewall detection of each bottle type has its most suitable spectral combination of the light source, and the multi-spectral light source automatically sets the spectral matching when switching the bottle type, so that the visual contrast of the defective foreign object is achieved to the highest. The multi-spectral light source design has a significant improvement in detection accuracy.
◆  Bottle bottom detection uses Mingjia “Fusion Discrimination Technology” to solve the complex and variable detection interference of the bottom of the bottle, and effectively identify foreign objects of different shapes and compositions.“Anti-slip Shielding Algorithm”and“Brightness Compensation Method” automatically exclude interference and improve detection accuracy and stability.

◆Inspection speed: 18000 BPH
◆Scope of application: All kinds of glass bottles
◆Installation position: On the single-row chain after the glass bottle production line annealing furnace
◆Detection functions: Bottle finish(through, broken, finish micro-crack, neck micro-crack, bubbles, internal necking, lack of finish, diameter difference, riser, not round finish), bottom(cracks, bubbles, opaque stains, stones, broken pieces glass), sidewalls (high or low bottles, not round , crooked neck, bubbles, stones, opaque foreign objects, dirt, cracks, internal stress)