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◆For the digital and character printing on the product by laser, ink and other methods, using visual imaging technology and OCR technology, the coding quality is detected online, and the unqualified products are rejected online. The equipment has high precision and long life, wide range of applications.

◆ Supports laser, ink and other methods.
◆ Using Mingjia's patented multi-character detection technology, it has good adaptability to rotational deformation.
◆ High-precision character recognition technology based on deep learning artificial intelligence, high-performance GPU processor for high-speed recognition processing.

◆ Inspection speed:60000BPH
◆Scope of application: PE, PET, glass bottle/laser coding for cans and other products/ink coding
◆Installation position: After and close to the coding machine
◆Detection functions: 100% missing code (no coding), missing code 50%, missing code 30%, single character missing, code fuzzy, code distortion, date code character recognition.