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◆In view of various defects that may occur in the process of injection molding, it with star wheel transmission structure, using multi-view imaging technology and Mingjia's self-developed preform defect detection algorithm, can automatically identify all kinds of preform defects and online location and rejected, with advantages such as wide detection range, fast detection speed and high accuracy.

◆ Fully automatic star wheel transmission structure and precise docking system to ensure that the preforms are free from damage and pollution during the inspection process, effectively ensuring stable operation of the equipment.
◆The design of special optical structure for preform is introduced. Six high-speed industrial cameras are used to realize full-range and multi-angle cyclic photography of preform, which ensures no blind area and improves the accuracy of equipment detection.
◆Stainless steel shell structure design, anti-corrosion, improve equipment life.

◆ Inspection speed: 36000 Preforms Per Hour
◆ Scope of application: Various PET preforms
◆ Installation position: After preform injection molding machine
◆ Detection functions: Finish sealing surface defects, ovality, body dirt, bottom dirt